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General party occasions usually require a cake. So why not wow the guests with a personalised cake  of your choice. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Its not just the look of cake which gets party guests talking its all about the flavour we can accommodate Plain, Chocolate or even a nice Red Velvet cake to tickle your guests taste buds.



Catering its not every bodies cup of tea but to us its our bread and butter. You have a number of options to pick from starting from a plain ham all the way to a nice tuna crunch. Doesn't stop there, we have a mouth watering menu for you to choose from sandwiches, pizzas and lets not forget the desserts. All your catering needs left in our hands we cook, deliver, set up and you enjoy.   



Are you Pincher or are you a hand grabber of these. Well either way we can help you out. With our wide range of sweet treats. We have a number of options sweets, fudge, truffles. Something for everybody to have a little taste or even take a big bite out of.

 All produce in our images have been hand crafted by ourselves here at Edible Expressions. We take pride in our creations and love a challenge. if you are interested in having one of our masterpieces or looking for a quote tailored just for you follow the link below or send a request via our contact page. 

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