Our Services

Candy Floss


Nothing tastes better than Fresh Candy Floss. With a wide range of mouth tingling flavours to choose from. The fun doesn't stop there. If your the brave type of person go it alone with the machine or if you want to sit back and watch the kids enjoy there candy floss and even have some yourself you can with one of our staff members doing it all for you. 

*T&C Applies*

Sweet Treats


This is a dentists worst nightmare (the sweet tooth). Everybody has one. With a selection of sweets or truffles and fudge all displayed at your party on our hand crafted equipment from the Ferris Wheel, Candy Cart and our light up heart shaped stand. It will be the centre piece of any party. Popcorn either you are a salted type of person or a sweet type we can help there with our popcorn machine. 

Face Painting


Being a family run business we know from experience that kids love Face Paint. Issue is they can never make up there mind what they want to have, going from Iron man to Hulk (some issues we have encountered) here is how we help. You can choose from 1 person to 2 people running a face painting table at the party and take the stress off you having to stand there speaking with your child and trying to work out what they want. With our team they do all the hard work from complex designs to just a simple butterfly. 

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Hiring Us

The equipment by itself isn't as scary as you think. If you don't feel you could use it even having been shown, we are here to help.  

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On The Day

So you have picked a day for us to come along and help relieve the stress. We would arrive at your venue with all our equipment and uniformed staff ready to pitch in and make it a special day for you and all your guests. We would set up where we are needed and get everything up and running like a well oiled machine. If you are taking the plunge and wanting to grab the bull by the horns with the machines a quick show and tell of how it all works and a little training and your good to go. If that's not what you are wanting then our staff will more than gladly take the reins and get started with it all. Making you relax and enjoy the party yourself and maybe indulge in some of treats you have organised for the party. 

*T&C Applies*